Become a Clay expert 4x faster 🧠🌱

…and get paying clients—with Clay Expert Nathan Lippi’s hands-on training program

“Nathan is amazing. Regardless of whether you buy his course or not, Nathan is one of the best people and Clay experts around and can help quite a bit on your journey.” Varun Anand, Head of Ops @ Clay

🫵 There’s a huge demand for Clay experts

Clay is blowing up in 2024, and there’s a huge expert shortage. Why?

CEOs and sales leaders grasp Clay’s massive potential (thank you Eric Nowoslawski!), but their teams lack the technical chops to set up Clay for themselves.

The opportunity for you? Become the Clay expert they need—and start making money ASAP.

💰 Become the Clay expert they need! (+ get clients 4x faster)

Can you become a Clay expert on your own?


But can you learn much faster with a structured curriculum, personalized expert feedback on your assignments and on a dream project 🪄, daily live one-on-one Clay support, and a community of fellow learners+alumni?

Most definitely.

🥷 Phase I: Get fluent with Clay (course + community + mentorship)

It could take 6 months to get fluent on your own (missed clients = burnt money 🔥💵).

We’ll get you fluent in 25% the time using the same hands-on training Clay Expert Nathan uses with his team.

You’ll learn+master the core concepts (including beginning JavaScript) that trip up even experienced Clay users—and we’ll teach you the bleeding edge of powerful Clay design patterns, known by very few Clay users.

🎯 The 6-week program includes:

✅ Choose and build your Clay “dream project” 🪄 with support from Nathan and team!

✅ A 6-week course (10 modules) with 1-1 feedback on assignments (⭐️ lifetime access)

✅ Weekly one-on-ones with Nathan for 6 weeks PLUS up to 2 hours of “as needed” time

✅ ”Unlimited” one-on-one live expert Clay help from your TA (M-F) for up to 6 weeks

✅ A Slack community with other participants and alumni (⭐️ lifetime access)

✅ Weekly Office Hours with Nathan or guest speakers (⭐️ lifetime access)

💰Phase II: Get your first clients (paid apprenticeship)*

Getting your first (good) client and getting them to success is a roadblock for many.

After real world experience, wins, and case studies, everything gets much easier.

🚀 Jumpstart apprenticeship; we’ll help you:

✅ Get your first client (or bring your own and we’ll help you do it right)

✅ Structure and negotiate the deal so you get paid decently while honing your chops

✅ Avoid gotchas and potholes like:

❌ Taking on poor-fit clients that will ultimately slow you down

❌ Taking a low-ROI approach with your Clay setup or campaign strategy

❌ Structuring your deals in a lose-lose way

❌ Etc. (each project is different)

(We split the $$$ and get 25%-50%, based on level of support needed)

As you become comfortable with client work and the sales process, we’ll decrease our portion of the rev share—and you’re always free to pursue solo clients. The confidence and case studies from our work together will be a big help!

* We’re testing Phase II, so we can’t guarantee you clients, but we have a strong incentive to send you business!

No-brainer pricing 🧠🤑 (pays for itself with 1 client)

🔥💵. Stop burning $$$ by not having paying Clay clients. Shave 3+ months off your learning curve for the cost of 1 client!

Phase I: Course + mentorship
Get expert hands-on guidance as you take a thorough, 6-week ~30 hour program that will stretch your mind, and get you to Clay fluency. 🤜 🤛 Phase I involves: ✅ Choose and build your Clay “dream project”🪄 with teaching support from Nathan and Clay Bootcamp team! ✅ A thorough course with challenging hands-on learning where you build Clay setups to reinforce the course material. (⭐️ lifetime access) ✅ Learning JavaScript: Aside from learning Clay, you will learn the basics of JavaScript, as it is the language of automation, and is necessary for deep expertise in Clay. ✅ Granular feedback: Nathan and the team will give real feedback on your Clay+JavaScript course assignments (via Loom, comments, 1-1 meeting), challenging you to do your Clay setups in an optimal way. Several rounds of feedback per assignment are normal. ✅ Up to 5 hours 1-1 time with Nathan for specific Q&A. Three of these hours are 30-min 1-1s with Nathan, with 2 as-needed hours to be used during the 6-week course period. ✅ ”Unlimited” one-on-one live expert Clay help from your TA for up to 6 weeks (up to once per day, M-F!) ✅ Customized strategic recommendations and feedback depending on your specific goals. We give our students the attention they need to flourish. ✅ Weekly office hours: Get your questions answered, learn from others including guest lecturers who will speak on various topics including how to build a great agency. (⭐️ lifetime access to past and future recordings) ✅ Slack community with other Clay Bootcamp students and grads. (⭐️ lifetime access provided you adhere to community standards)
Signup limits
We accept only 8 students/month to ensure high levels of individual attention! Connect with Nathan on LinkedIn to learn more and apply.
Phase II: Paid apprenticeship
Make money while you round out your experience and get case studies! Revenue share; we take ~25-50% depending on the level of support needed.
This is a new part of the program we’re testing. We’ll funnel you a new client (or help you with a client you’ve sourced), and we’ll partner so you can complete the project well, and efficiently. 🤜 🤛This will help you: ✅ Shorten your learning curve (sales + Clay) ✅ Build confidence and real-world experience ✅ Get case studies (helps with closing your own clients) ✅ Help you avoid pitfalls (= wasted weeks or ruined projects)
Signup limits
You’ll need to have demonstrated fluency with Clay through your Phase I work. Connect with Nathan on LinkedIn to apply to Phase I.

Phase I Course Syllabus

The course takes ~30 hours of work, spread across 6 weeks.

(it took us 6+ months of trial, error, and networking to learn these lessons)

  • Learn Clay’s foundational concepts
  • Learn the most important 10% of JavaScript (with guidance)
  • Get REAL support and feedback (calls, Looms, Slack)
  • Access a library of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for using Clay in common circumstances.
  • Learn 10+ super helpful Clay Design Patterns


"Working with Nathan completely changed the trajectory of my outbound work at Thena. His guidance and strategizing skills were leagues above anyone else I had spoken to.

Brendan Kazanjian‍ GTM Strategy,

Interested? Add Nathan on LinkedIn to apply.